This Blog Is Queer is bringing together LGBTQ+ voices from all over to discuss, celebrate and assert our existence.

Want to contribute? Email j_manasa@outlook.com with your ideas.

What’s “Queer”?

Different people have different ideas of what “queer” means. For us, it encompasses:

  • People who identify as something other than straight (gay, bi, pansexual, asexual etc.)
  • People who do not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth
  • People who may be questioning their sexual or gender identity, and need a safe space

For us queer is an in-group term. It’s usually said by those who identify as queer, to others who also identify as queer. That said, if you’re part of the community and you prefer other terms, absolutely use them on this blog. If you’re not part of the community, I strongly suggest listening to how people self-define and reflecting it respectively.

It might also be worth remembering that not everyone identifies with the gender you might assume them to identify with.

Check your privilege

This blog is just a small part of a network of people trying to dismantle the structural, social and political issues that hold LGBTQ+ people back.

That said, recognise your privilege within the community. Whether it’s because you’re a man, you’re straight-passing, you’re white or you identify with the gender you were assigned at birth (cis), it’s important to understand what free passes you didn’t earn, and be mindful of them in articles and discussions.

What do you think?

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